Unlock Daily Language Learning Motivation

Do you struggle to stay motivated with your Japanese language learning?

It’s tough to spend hours studying new kanjis and grammar points… to realize you’ve forgotten them the day after. If only there was a way to integrate Japanese study into your daily routine. You could review what you’ve learned effortlessly throughout the day. Oh, wait a minute… Yes, that’s where our learning tools come in.

They'll make you feel like a Japanese pro without even breaking a sweat (or your wallet!). With our help, you'll finally be able to integrate language learning into your daily routine - no more excuses about being too busy, too tired, or too hungover. We've got your back, and your Japanese skills, too!

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  • Make Japanese Part of Your Daily Routine

    Make Japanese characters and study materials impossible to miss, so that you can stick to your daily routine. Yes, even during a hangover.

  • Stuff That Looks Good

    If it’s useful it’s cool. But nobody wants to be seen with things that look like they were made on Paint. Ours aren’t.

  • Free Shipping

    Spend $35 or more and unlock free shipping.

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