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Daily Kanji Calendar | JLPT N5 to N3

Daily Kanji Calendar | JLPT N5 to N3

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Meet our kanji-a-day wall calendar. One kanji, every day. 30 per month. It's like an advent calendar, but instead of chocolates, you get knowledge! And trust us, knowledge lasts longer and has fewer calories.

Now, we hear you – "Why do I need a calendar when I've got a billion apps for that?" Well, apps are great, but remember the last time you opened one to study and ended up playing three rounds of Candy Crush and watching a cat play the piano on social media?

Our kanji calendar doesn't have notifications or distracting games (sorry, no piano-playing cats either). Just pure, unadulterated Japanese learning goodness. Each day, get greeted by a fresh kanji, its meaning, onyomi and kunyomi readings, and two vocabulary words to boot.

Plus, you can physically cross off each day, which, let's face it, feels oh-so-satisfying.

And on the bottom? The good old classic calendar setup, just in case you want to remember that your best friend's birthday is coming up. Or, you know, other non-language related stuff.

In short, if you want to learn kanji without the distractions and feel like you're unlocking a new level each day, then our wall calendar is for you.

Before you know it, you’ll be throwing around kanji like confetti at a party. So, order now and make every day a 'Kanji Day'!

  • Size: 12" x 18" (21 x 29.7cm)
  • Premium-quality paper
  • Durable wire-bound design
  • Start month: Customizable
  • 30 kanji per month / 360 kanji for the whole year
  • Covers all kanji from JLPT N5 and N4, and 100 kanji from JLPT3

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