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Katakana Mug

Katakana Mug

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Can you make the difference between ツ and シ? What about ノ, ン, and ソ? That’s what we thought. And this is why you’re going to love this katakana mug.

We know, we know – you're thinking “I can just look it up on my phone." But let's be real, you know you’re going to look it up, and forget about it again before your phone even reaches back into your pocket. And somehow you’ll have lost 10 minutes scrolling on Instagram in the process.

So, why not save yourself the trouble and just have the katakana chart right in front of you? Not only does it make your coffee taste better (not scientifically proven, but we believe it anyway), it's also a constant reminder of the katakana characters you're working to memorize.

So go ahead, add a little extra charm to your morning routine and pick up our katakana chart mug today! We promise you'll be reading katakana like a boss in no time.

  • Ceramic 11oz mug 
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

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