About Us

Hi, we're Hirakan! The team behind the Japanese language learning products that make your Japanese learning journey a little bit easier. We know firsthand the struggles of learning a new language, especially when it comes to Japanese and all its grammar rules, kanji, and vocabulary.

Our story starts with a French guy, who moved to Japan in March 2019 with a passion for the culture and a desire to learn the language (well that's what he says, but really he came for the waifu). He soon realized that Japanese was much more confusing than he expected, and found himself frustrated with his lack of progress. Learning something new only to forget it the day after was his specialty. Damn memory.

Looking at the wall above his desk after a long session of kanji stuffing, his last French neurons about to surrender, he thought, "wouldn't that be cool if I could just have my kanji in front of my eyes all the time? That would help me review them all the time. And maybe I could finally remember them for more than 24 hours". 

After sharing his ideas in between heated discussions about Pokemon with his good Japanese friend Nabeking (not his real name in case you're wondering), they decided to seriously work on this project.

This is where Hirakan was born.

Our mission is to help you learn Japanese in a fun and practical way, with unique and stylish designs that make learning part of your daily life. We believe that by making Japanese learning a part of your routine, you'll have more opportunities to review and practice, leading to better retention and faster fluency.

Our motto is that we're making products that will help you build and stick to your daily language learning routine, even during a hangover.

So join us on our mission to make Japanese learning a fun and accessible experience for everyone! And if you ever run into grammar rules that don't make sense, or kanji characters that you can't seem to remember, just remember – you're not alone! We've got your back.